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Hello, I'm Jugum and I fucking love One Piece. Welcome to my main art blog. 


Mabinogi is having a fanart contest, to draw your character in a SAO cosplay. I I dressed him up like Silica for my entry. omg I want the prize so bad though so I’m going all out and it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Which is weird because my character IS a cosplay. I’m sorry Cavendish


I just adore his hairy legs

I think that’s what seals the deal. I need this tattooed on my face. 

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  • I like to read out loud (because it helps me memorize things) Paige hates it when we’re in a skype call <w>
  • I can crack my spine when I rub it against a wall… yey
  • I am studying to become a pilot… and a funeral director
  • I love puzzles
  • I love eating tomatoes with suger

I tag the Artic Squad: blueskyesartic, maeofclubsandart, doodlediddy

Five Nights at Freddy’s has become my new obsession /head desks/ I can’t believe I fell in love with the game but hey, it’s been a while since a good suspense game actually came out.

Thinking about making an Ask Chica the Chicken blog because she’s my favorite ;w; Even making a Halloween costume for her 

I have concluded that Five Nights at Freddy’s is equivalent to bringing pizza to a dorm and the smell of it drawing in your fellow dorm mates. 



- the *star on a price means that it is an optional addition to the work.

- Nothing nsfw, I’m not comfortable enough with those type of drawings yet to offer them as commissions. (maybe I will be in the future, but for now it’s not going to be offered.)

- Include a detailed explanation (as detailed as you can make it without turning it into a chore to read) of the character that you want me to draw if it is a character that I am not familiar with so that I know their personality (ex. OCs or characters from shows I don’t watch)

- Include a visual reference of the character, please don’t make me have to figure it out based on reading only.

- If you want anything special or different than what is listed on my commission sheet, we can discuss a price change (increase or decrease)

- Don’t be afraid to ask me questions if you have any!

- Send your commission info to this email: deerheadxiris@gmail.com


"These flowers are beautiful, just like me!"

WOooOOoWwwW this was gonna be my last big summer drawing but it ended up taking over a week to finish 8’v I had hoped it would only take a few days oops-

ALSO big thank you to xiggymatsu for inspiring the idea for this whole pic and for coming up with what to write on the banner qvq <3




Mega Audino


mai babu can now become precure silhouette


Pffff Artic the stoic serious grump of our group is reviled to be the doki desu kawai chan we all knew was inside her. We see right through you Artic-chan