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Hello, I'm Jugum and I fucking love One Piece. Welcome to my main art blog. 

My school had a poster sale randomly aND THEY HAD SO MUCH ONE PIECE @A@ there was ten but I only bought five. Saving these for the new place I’m moving into with the page

Message of ask in Japanese



This is just one example. And, I am not good at English.

I’m sorry if my English is hard to understand…

It is very good If you send the URL of my blog with the message. 

Please tell myself things to the author. It’s very important. So one to feel very fear is “Do not know who is you”.

Please send a message if you want to know other ask message.

I shall be happy if I can be of any help, thank you ;)


  • こんにちは。いきなりのメッセージ失礼します。あなたの絵を他の人に紹介したいのですが、私のブログに掲載してもいいですか?
    (Hello. I’m sorry to send a message suddenly. I want to introduce in my blog a your art. Are you sure I want to post a your art in my blog?)
  • こんにちは。いきなりのメッセージ失礼します。あなたの絵を私のアイコンに使いたいのですが、使用してもよろしいでしょうか?(Hello. I’m sorry to send a message suddenly. I want to use my icon the your art. Are you sure I want to use a your art in my icon?)
  • こんにちは。いきなりのメッセージ失礼します。あなたの漫画を翻訳して私のブログに載せたいのですが、よろしいでしょうか?(Hello. I’m sorry to send a message suddenly. I want to translate the cartoon you drew. And I want to post it on my blog. Do you allow it?)


It takes about 5 seconds of your time to copy and paste one of those messages and send it to the artist.

It takes 5 hours or more (usually more) to create a full-colour illustration.

Remember, artists have the final say over where their work gets shared and how their work is used. Always ask permission first.



One piece meet up day 2: Part 1

Thank you to the above robin and ussop as they helped my find my way to the meet up!

I was really lost

AHHHHHHHHHH das my friend who cosplayed Sanji~

kind of wish I went knowing that two of my friends had gone ;w;




My boyfriend just recently got into a situation where he is forced to leave his current living conditions and is no longer receiving help of any kind from many of his relatives, and although my family is doing as much as we can for him and to bring him down to us, I’m still opening these commissions to help him get money together that is desperately needed for his college or other expenses that he needs to take care of himself with.

All of the money received from these commissions will be going to him, and I will be trying to complete them on top of the ones I received from my last comm post (however those are now closed, as this takes a higher priority).

What I CAN draw: furries*, fluff and couples, NSFW* (strictly sketches though), fanart and original characters
What I CANNOT draw: robots/mechas
*I am not a pro at drawing these things and I cannot gaurentee 100% that I can, but I am willing to try.
**I have the right to decline any commission for whatever reason. Don’t take it personally if I do. The waiting time for a commission also varies drastically as my personal life is very hectic.

You may contact me through either my DeviantART by note or my email: overlordmal@gmail.com

Paypal: wynt@live.com

I do not require payment until I have sent you a sketch of the final product (but if I never receive the payment, you don’t get the finished piece). <This only applies to lineart/colored pieces.

If you can’t afford a commission, please spread the word!! Any and all help is really appreciated and means a lot!! ;;3;; 

These are the emergency commissions that my boyfriend has opened up to try and help me. Please consider reblogging and spreading the word.

I’ve also opened up donations on my artblog page, and you can read a bigger explanation of the whole situation here as well.

Please please consider reblogging, at least. I know so many things are going on but I’m stranded away from everyone that I can rely on and any donation amount helps. Anything helps. I’m so sorry.

Thank you.

Pictures from Otakon with the group

it was super duper fun but the train was retarded. I never want to go back to Maryland unless it’s for Otakon >:I and I wanna be closer to the hotel. We were an hour train ride away and even more from the airport

I bought prints and buttons at Otakon and it was fun =w=\

I had forgotten that ladybeek told me that Ash was going to be there so I finally got to met her on Sunday and we talked smack about you Beek (I luv u)

also found zzyzzyy’s giant poster of the baes and had to get it as well the doctors studying together vuv~



Every Hat in TF2 by AshleyLange [x]

Otherwise entitled “How to annoy everybody’s Tumblr dash”



I give you my strongest hug to give you a lot of courage

Thank you, it helps a lot more than you would think.